The best programming tutorial is a real project. In a gitorial, each commit is a step, and our tool makes it easy to move through them.

The sidebar shows you what the project will look like when it is finished. Feel free to browse through the files to get an idea of what you'll end up with.

When you purchase this gitorial, you'll be given an address to a git repository you can clone. Basic command line skills are required.

Java Web Development with Spark

The best way to get a firm grasp of backend development is to initially avoid large frameworks and do things the manual way. This gitorial does just that. It shows you how to make a very basic web app with the fundamental CRUD operations. It doesn't spend any time on user interface development, so be prepared for the most barebones UI possible!

This project uses the Spark web framework – which has nothing to do with Apache Spark, so don't get confused! It also uses the j2html library to generate HTML, and the H2 database to introduce SQL functionality. You won't get an award-winning web app from this, but it will efficiently distill the fundamental ideas of backend web development for you.

This gitorial assumes familiarity with Java basics, including data structures (like HashMap and ArrayList), loops, lambdas, and so on. The only thing you'll need to run the project is the latest JDK. Any editor should work, though a Java-aware one like IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition is recommended.